Lane Bryant

What The Client Needed: The Lane Bryant Annual Conference is a key reason behind the success of the leading women’s retail brand. It marks the one face-to-face opportunity each year to introduce the retailer’s upcoming seasonal offerings, sales goals and corporate initiatives to more than 500 store managers and regional directors from around the country. 

However, 2012 was even more crucial. Lane Bryant had just completed a thorough brand overhaul, and the company turned to MYB to launch the new creative identity. Lane Bryant needed to send attendees home inspired, informed and prepared to power the future of their retail locations.

What MYB Delivered: MYB designed an experience that did more than unveil the new brand and the next season’s clothing. From rethinking the company’s awards ceremony to delivering a unique approach to team-building activities to creating hands-on showroom breakout sessions, MYB identified each touchpoint throughout the conference to bring the new brand to life and educate attendees on how to enhance the customer service experience. The conference united employees in one big rallying cry and reminded each of them of the value of living and breathing the Lane Bryant brand.

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