American Society for Clinical Pathology

Challenge: With the reinvigoration of the organization and brand well underway, ASCP staff leadership shifted their focus to the annual meeting, one of their most visible member benefits. The meetings department had been restructured, and leadership was looking for a partner who could deliver something energizing and fresh to capture attention and communicate the changes going on at the organization. Like many non-profits, ASCP needed to do something big, but in a cost effective way.

Solution: Using MYB’s proprietary process ETM (Experiential Touchpoint Mapping), MYB’s production team detailed opportunities to design a new meeting experience that would connect with attendees at every level, and infuse a new level of enthusiasm into the audience. To accommodate the budget concerns, MYB rolled out the new annual meeting format over two years, which helped Year 1 attendees spread the buzz about the new brand.

Results: Attendee post-meeting satisfaction scores were higher and positive comments rolled in about the exciting changes. In addition to securing a blockbuster keynote lineup, MYB leveraged cutting-edge AV technology and lighting treatments to create an unforgettable environment for the ASCP audience.

The Client’s Perspective:MYB has helped us really elevate the attendee experience, and as a strategic resource for a number of ASCP projects, has helped spark more innovative thinking in our team.”  Steven Ciaccio – Chief Operating Officer