American Association of Diabetes Educators


Challenge: The AADE relies on its Annual Meeting for a large portion of revenue. 2014 presented external and internal challenges to the AADE in meeting its revenue goals through the Annual Meeting.

The seismic shifts in the healthcare landscape applied external pressure to the AADE to make the meeting new, without losing its status as the trusted source for diabetes educators. How could the AADE maintain relevance without losing focus? Also, the AADE’s internal marketing department and meeting team were determined to establish a new brand. The AADE branding initiative added another layer of complexity to the dynamic and changing landscape.

Solution: MYB joined the AADE team to infuse a new level of passion into the meeting design elements and the annual meeting. Our design experts used the findings from in-depth stakeholder interviews, a comprehensive survey of the attendee base and a thorough on-site annual meeting assessment to deliver a new insight-based 2014 Annual Meeting communications creative concept.

The new look and feel was driven by the fact that diabetes educators are motivated by the “human touch” they provide. This insight was leveraged so that the AADE could communicate healthcare changes, maintain its leadership stance and launch the new meeting brand.

It worked to clarify the focus of communications and in turn helped energize staff and volunteers.

In addition to an overhaul of the visual elements, MYB made a number of strategic tactical adjustments inspired by its evidence-based insights. An editorial calendar and a segmented approach to email and direct mail created customized messaging for each category of AADE’s prospective attendee base (nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and physicians). MYB also helped elevate the activity on AADE’s social media channels with a more conversational approach that engaged fans and followers.

The Client’s Perspective: “MYB helped us clarify our message and brought more energy and inspiration to our meeting brand.”  Laura Downes, CAE – Chief Operating Officer